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Name: Lofa
Tribal affiliation: Chickasaw
Alternate spellings: Lhofa, Lonfa, Lhonfa, ?ofa, Klofa
Pronunciation: similar to thlo-fah, often anglicized to loh-fah
Type: Monster, American Indian bigfoot
Related figures in other tribes: Shampe (Choctaw), Stick Indians (Northwest Coast), Bush Indian (Alaskan)

 The Lofa is a malevolent, ogre-like monster of Chickasaw folklore. His name literally means "flayer" or "skinner," a reference to his gruesome habit of flaying the skin from his victims. In some legends he attempts to abduct Chickasaw women. He is sometimes described as a giant and other times as a large, hairy, smelly man, leading some people to associate him with the Bigfoot legend.

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