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 The Barmanou (or Barmanu or Baddmanus), a bipedal humanoid primate cryptid, allegedly inhabits the mountainous region of western Pakistan. Shepherds living in the mountains have reported sightings.

 The Barmanou is the Pakistani equivalent of the Bigfoot. The term Barmanou is used in several Pakistani languages including Khowar, Shina, Hindko and Kashmiri. In addition to the name Barmanou there are other local names as well.


 An Aswang (or Asuwang) is a vampire-like witch ghoul in Filipino folklore and is the subject of a wide variety of myths and stories. Spanish colonists noted that the Aswang was the most feared among the mythical creatures of the Philippines, even in the 16th century.

 The myth of the aswang is well known throughout the Philippines, except in the Ilocos region, which is the only region that does not have an equivalent myth. It is especially popular in the Visayan regions such as Capiz, Iloilo, Negros, Bohol, Aklan, Antique, and Siquijor. Other regional names for the aswang include "tik-tik", "wak-wak" and "sok-sok".


Loren Coleman (born July 12, 1947) is an American cryptozoologist who has written books on a number of topics, including cryptozoology.


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